My name is Massimiliano Tomassoli. I’m more of a computer scientist than a statistician. I did reverse engineering and exploit development for many years, but I’ve recently become interested in Artificial Intelligence.

My main interest lies in Reinforcement Learning (RL) and Simulation Optimization or Stochastic Optimization or whatever you want to call it.

When I first started learning Machine Learning, I didn’t like it because I thought the field was just a collection of methods one had to choose from. Then I discovered Model-based ML (AKA Probabilistic Graphical Models) and, finally, Deep Learning which, to me, is just Differentiable ML.

Maybe surprisingly, it’s my interest in RL which led me to learn more about Variational Inference and the general idea of Stochastic Optimization.

RL Group (join!)

I created a discussion group about RL on Discord. We also talk about other related topics such as Variational Inference and Stochastic Optimization. If you’re interested, please join the group. You don’t have to register if you want to just take a look. Just click here, choose a name and you’re ready to go.